things you should not do, dear O-HQ

Based on the review of the „Titan Hati“ made by  OverlockersHQ I decided to create a blog-entry in english – not coz I’ve a lot of english readers, no, just due to the hope the readers of OverclockersHQ will somehow hit my site an will understand my „concerns“ ‚bout the Hati-review.

Things that are drivin‘ me mad:

I don’t care about a baldy man in front of a green wall, but I care about this man when he just presents a cooler – for over 4 minutes! Reading the package and showing the product is not the meaning of a review!

A fan with a black frame, white blades and a sticker on it is not a „pretty crazy design“!

A fan-extender definetly is not „pretty cool“, it’s just a damn 4-pin to 3-pin adapter, which is pretty unnecessary coz every mainboard has a 4-pin PWM-Header for the CPU-fan and even the other 3-pin headers are compatible to a 4-pin fan.

When about 50 percent of the text is just a copy-n-paste action of the specs everybody can see online at the manufacturer-site and directly on the package of the product is as usefull as saying twenty times „you’re dead!“ to a zombie.

Giving no information about the test-setup, the room-temps and the RpM of the fan makes the entire test completely irreproducible.

A missing relation to at least a 2nd cooler means that the measured temps are absolutely pointless.

A glaring difference of 6 degrees in idle-mode between the stock thermal paste and the Platinum Grease by Titan simply is stupefyingly big esp. while reagarding Titan’s low thermal-performance of just 3.5 W/m-?.

Just taking some pics made by Titan and implementing those pics in the review, but not making own pics, esp. where you can see how the cooler was installed and how it finally looks like, automatically raises the question whether it was installed or not!

Please don’t try to be funny when you’re just not capable of! „After seeing the fan I think those warriors did very well haha.“ is eben lower than the niveau of Spongebob.

Does „7/10“ really means a GOLD AWARD? And why does the Platinum Grease gets only 7 points? The difference is huge, the price is not … uh, yeah, where’s the price? And how runny is the Pla-Grea? Is it easy to apply? How much does the cooler or the Kurki-fan cost? How can you deliver a judgment when basic information is not given or even unknown?

Let Santa Claus bestow you some basic appreciation at least!